Taking photos for almost 30 years. Started with analog and B&W photography and had a break during the 90′s.
Beginning with travelling to New Zealand and Norway and to Italy several times a year, I rediscovered the pleasure of taking photos. Switched from my old Praktika SLR to Nikon SLR and later to Nikon DSLR, I became more and more an enthusiastic photographer.
Even if there are more talented photographers than me, I also got keen in organzing photo events and competitions. Eventually in 2006, I started to conduct photo workshops.
As I live in Sistrans near Innsbruck, Austria, most of my activities described on this site take place in this part of the world. However, if there is an opportunity, I also perform workshops or events in other cities or countries, for instance, I did a workshop in New Delhi as well as I organized photo trips to various places. Thanks to my close relation to Vienna, I also do a lot of photography there.

Impressum / Contact
Werner Gstrein
Unterdorf 16a
6073 Sistrans
Österreich / Austria

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